Famous Superstar Leaks Secret Passage To Extreme Wealth

 NEW YORK — A famous superstar will reveal to you the secret to his rapid rise to stardom.  He asked to remain anonymous because he belongs to an exclusive association of very wealthy people…a secret society of the wealthy who do not expose their identities or their secrets to the masses.  They have developed extraordinarily powerful secrets that they share only amongst themselves.  This famous superstar is leaking those secrets to you — the secrets that made him rise to stardom, the highly-guarded secret passage.

Do you consider yourself a working slave…or former working slave?

In a moment you will understand why this famous superstar must send you his secrets via first-class mail.  He must reach out to you on paper, hand-to-hand, not via internet or email that other eyes can see.  He knows some valuable things that can now make you wealthy.  Read every word of his confidential message for your eyes only to find out what he knows, why he must contact you in a sealed first-class envelope for your eyes only, and why he can now make you wealthy.  You see, this message is about money, who gets it, who guards it, and why you can now tap into it!  This is no joke; this is your destiny.

Money is a rigged system, even in America.  Indeed, the ruling class of all civilizations have protected their positions of wealth and power throughout all time.  A half-century ago, a secret society developed a secret passage, a modern-day “underground railroad” for the slaving working class to financial freedom. 

This secret passage into the world of wealth and luxury has existed for half a century.  The superstar will quietly, selectively send it out on paper (not email) to you if you spent your life as a “working slave”.  The few with wealth and power outside of the rigged Establishment went through the hidden passage.   Even the self-made billionaires today are some of those few who found and went through the secret passage.  That secret passage has been well-hidden from the majority of people for decades, for a reason: the ruling class does not allow “our kind” a shot at wealth and power.  We are their lowly “working stiffs”.  We’re good only for our votes and our taxes.        

To keep the secret passage hidden, it has been disguised in different unsuspecting and changing forms for fifty years.  Those hidden forms are fluid, changing, fluctuating … in a constant state of camouflage so the Establishment can’t catch on.  If the passage to money doesn’t remain hidden and disguised, the territorial powers close it off.  But a superstar — a member of the society — will leak it to you in a sealed first-class envelope.

The search for the passage has surpassed the search for anything in our planet’s last half century, even surpassing humanity’s search for the fountain of youth (i.e., anti-aging research). 

The famous but anonymous superstar will let you and only you in on this world’s most highly-guarded secret…that is, today’s disguised form of the Secret Passage to bountiful wealth and power.  He will send you an oversized, unmarked red-and-blue-bordered envelope by first-class mail.  Remember, he sends nothing to you electronically.  He sends his secrets to you discreetly, on paper, in an oversized red-and-blue-bordered sealed envelope.  First Class.  Only you will open it and see its contents.  Check your mail in three days.

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